Since 1956 our people at OES have served customers by making their challenges our challenges! Results are what count, and our people make the difference in getting you the right answers and products you need to achieve your goals.

Our company has the right product for your need,
be it Touch Free or Friction!

  • Multi Bay Self Serve & In Bay Wash
  • Truck Wash Systems
  • Convenience Store In Bay Wash
  • Bus Cleaning Systems
  • State Agency Vehicle Wash Systems
  • Car Dealership Systems
  • Tunnel Wash Systems

Customer Service - Toll Free 800.792.3120:
Our expertise comes from 50 years of serving our industry and our customer service staff can be reached at any of our branch offices via the toll free customer service line. We will have you up and running fast – and your customers happy.

Profit and Success
You are in business to make money! The best way to insure success is by serving your customers day in and day out. That requires dependable equipment that will get cars cleans, and marketing your business.

We provide and install only the industries premier car wash equipment manufacturers and can guarantee
the best quality and field-tested performance.

Clean Vehicles
Clean them and they will come! Be it touch free or Friction wash, we’ll make sure your customers get
the quality cleaning performance they purchased.

Every location is different and no solution is ever the same. Our team will help you select the equipment that is right for your market demographics to ensure that when those busy days and weekends come your
customers are moving through the wash getting
their cars cleaned.

Touchfree Car Wash Systems
Friction Car Wash Systems
Entry Systems
Building Systems